Please join us by empowering the young women of Oregon!

Why Join Us?

Awareness: When you donate to Miss Volunteer America our program puts your sponsorship name in front of an audience that will give it favorable recognition when exposed to other marketing messages.

Impression: Your product or service impression, when attached to our organization, will create a personality and style while distinguishing it from others in the market.

Customer Recognition: Consumers are more likely to purchase products or services from the companies aligned with their events. Our audience, at Miss Oregon Volunteer, and participants respect the sponsor’s support.

Positivity: Our event spurs an active, family-friendly environment that is healthy for consumer-vendor relationships. Also, event sponsorships encourage company pride and loyalty to help attract and retain staff.

Community: Our event is a source of community pride. Sponsorships show that a company cares about the community and is prepared to invest in the future and welfare of the young women of Oregon and their families.

Captive Audience:  While attending our event, the audience is confined to a specific area for an extended period of time, resulting in multiple exposures for the sponsor.

It is through the generous donations of sponsorships from individuals and businesses throughout Oregon that we are able to award thousands of dollars to higher education. Join us today to help ensure a promising future for the young women of Oregon. Any amount helps us achieve our goals.

Every donation is valuable! In our organization, even $1 is valuable to meeting our goal to give away $25,000+ in scholarships. When you choose to value the educational goals of the young women in Oregon, you choose a future with accomplished and community minded individuals. Cash donations are important but if you have a speicality service or product that you think will be a very good fit for our contestants/titleholders, lets talk!


  • Please describe the donation that you would like to gift to our organization. Once we receive this information we will reach out to you for details. Thank you so much. Again, we value all donations and support!