The Crown

Miss Volunteer America

Each of the 5 points on the crown represents a principle in our organization’s mission. Together, the first letter of each of those five principles spells:

S. E. R. V. E.

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The Miss Oregon Volunteer Organization, in affiliation with Miss Volunteer America, is a statewide, service-oriented scholarship program that seeks to empower young women across the state of Oregon through educational scholarships and extraordinary opportunities.

Every contestant will have the opportunity to participate in the Build-Your-Own-Scholarship program which offers unlimited scholarship funds for the motivated young woman. Each of the newly crowned titleholders will receive thousands of dollars of scholarship awards and prizes. All Contestants will be eligible for several scholarships, prizes, and awards for various categories and achievements just for participating in our program.

We hope that all of our contestants will not only walk away from their time with us enriched with incredible life-skills and friendships to last a lifetime, but many will also be better prepared financially for the college, university, or trade school they wish to attend. Or use their scholarship awards to pay student loan debt.

Meet the National Director!
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Teen Contestants

Miss Oregon Teen Volunteer!

When you win you will be awarded scholarship dollars toward your college education and a year of memories to last a lifetime! Your year will be teamed with the first Miss Oregon Volunteer and our Miss Oregon Princess Volunteer. Together you will travel throughout the state of Oregon making appearances, and championing your personal platform statement as well as bringing awareness to the Miss Oregon Volunteer Organization and the values that we instill in young women to excel in all areas of life, especially scholastic achievement and community service.

Princess Court

Our princess program is about building mentor relationships that inspire young girls to become their kindest selves and pursue their dreams all while spending time with the remarkable women who compete in the Miss Oregon Volunteer Pageant.